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The Diet Pills Tests

We tested these diet pills on 5 people, for each success story we have given a star, half a star for half a success story. As you can see as yet no one has got the full 5 stars, however the Laminaria Extra Plus which is an improved version of Nature's Way Laminaria Extract diet pills did manage 4 stars which we were quite impressed with. To avoid boring you to death with all 20 results we have only listed the ones which actually worked and achieved at least 1 successful test. However, just because they didn't work for our 5 willing students does not mean they won't work for you. Our chart below should not be taken as a definitive reflection of how good a pill really is or is not. In all instances we followed the manufacturers instructions on taking the pills.

Pill Name Comment Rating Max 5 Where to Buy
Laminaria Extract Plus Slimming have made some improvements on the all natural Laminaria Extract diet pills by Nature's Way. Search as we may we can not find any adverse information about these pills, they appear to work and be completely natural and safe.
Laminaria Extract The original All Natural diet pills, very safe for just about anyone to use, however the PLUS above did just do marginally better but it does cost a lot more money.

Also Known As:-

Adipex-P; Behapront; Dapex-37.5; Fastin; Minobese-Forte; Obe-Nix; Oby-Cap; Oby-Trim; Ona-Mast; Panbesy; Panbesyl; Panbesyl Nyscaps; Phentercot; Phentride; Redusa; T-Diet; Teramin; Tora; Umine; Umi-Pex 30; Zantryl

Although reasonably successful in our tests we must advise against using any pills containing Phentermine because of the adverse reactions these pills cause. If you click on the RXlist URL opposite you can read about the full potential risks.
Xenical Diet Pills Manufactured and created by Roche Laboratories as far as we can see Xenical doesn't have any major side effects.
Xenadrine Diet Pills

Contains Ephedra (also known as Ma huang, Chinese Ephedra and epitonin)


Again another quite successful diet pill. However Ephedra is a very dangerous drug that can be fatal and cause cancer. So again we would strongly advise against using any product with Ephedra. (Ephedra is on the FDA dangerous drugs list)

Unfortunately to date these 5 are the only diet pills which we have had some success with, we are continuing our tests and shall keep adding to and updating these reports. We would also welcome any suggestions you have or any comments which may help other people choose or avoid a particular product.

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